Dylan Roe


Dylan Roe is an experienced professional multi-instrumental music performer and teacher, his primary instrument being the guitar (acoustic, electric, bass, slide, steel, ukulele; you name it, he plays it and teaches it). He has been playing for 17 years, performing and teaching for 11 years.  His styles range through Classical, Spanish, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, Funk, Pop, Psychedelia, and Heavy Metal.

Whatever your interest and skill level, he can help you reach your musical dreams. D.R. has an extensive knowledge and special affinity for traditional folk styles and roots music, which are gladly incorporated in lesson time, as the value of a cultured and historical musical background to an aspiring musician could be compared to that of learning to play the instrument itself.  Music predates language, governs our emotions, enhances our intelligence, and fuels our passion.  It can provoke thought, and change.  It is a constant companion.  It is one of the sweetest sensations of the human experience, and it is Dylan Roe's duty, honor, and pleasure to share this love with all.

Experience and Credentials:

Dylan Roe has been certified to teach all skill levels by the Bert Murdock Modern School of Music, and has been teaching for 11 years. He holds private lessons, as well as his own afterschool music program at Wasatch Waldorf Charter School, and quite notably, he was recently hired as a private on-set tutor for television and film actress, Sophie Turner for her role in the film, Time Freak.
Dylan Roe also has years of session recording and performing experience with numerous successful local bands, most notably the psychedelic rock band Spell Talk, winners of City Weekly's Best Local Band of 2010.