Guitar Lessons


Private guitar lessons for the SLC area

Taking private guitar lessons through Dylan Baker Music will provide you with exceptional education from professional instructors that have studied in accredited university music programs.  There are a variety of guitar instructors to choose from, however, many instructors lack the educational background that we believe is necessary for proper instruction.  We take pride in our teaching because it's what we are passionate about.

Dylan Baker Music - Guitar Lessons

Dylan Baker Music - Guitar Lessons

If you're looking to become more proficient at the guitar, or if you need guidance from a structured professional guitarist, please contact us.

We take pride in teaching all of our students so that they continually progress and become more masterful of their instrument.

Lessons Include:

  • Improvisation/Scale Techniques

  • Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Funk, Pop, Folk & Reggae Guitar Technique Styles

  • Personalized Teaching Curriculum

  • Weekly Teaching Reports

  • Sight Reading

  • Music Theory

  • Ear Training

  • Musicianship

  • Singing/Songwriting Techniques

  • Learning Your Favorites Songs

  • Instrument Handling & Overall Technique

Lesson Rates: $30 per 30 minute lesson

I specialized and earned my degree in music education from the University of Utah and I also have extensive experience in Jazz studies from the University of Utah as well. There will be no discrepancy on the material or techniques covered because of my studies from an accredited University. We'll teach each lesson dependent upon your interests in music. Above all else, we love to teach music.  We have very easy going personalities, and we make learning music fun and relaxing.  We teach children and adults of all ages and skill levels.  We regularly schedule performance recitals for kids and coached jam sessions for adults.  Please email us for lesson times, prices or questions. Dylan teaches lessons at his home studio in Olympus Cove.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule a lesson time.

Dylan Baker Music - Kids Guitar Recital

Dylan Baker Music - Kids Guitar Recital