Private Lesson Policies and Procedures


Dylan Baker Music LLC Policies and Procedures

1.  Any absences or late cancellations within 24 hours will result in your account being billed for the lesson.

2.  Please provide at least 24 hours notice for an absence.  In such a case, your pre-paid lesson will be pro-rated into the following week.  Please contact your instructor for any scheduled cancellations.  Failure to notify your instructor or Dylan Baker of a scheduled cancellation may result in you being billed for a lesson.

3. Students only need to pay for the lessons they are planning on attending for the month. Scheduled cancellations are not billable.

4.  Students are required to pay Dylan Baker Music through the website; Cash and check are accepted forms of student payment as well.

5. Payments may also be made to Dylan Baker personally through his personal Venmo account. Search “DylanBakerMusic” to connect with Dylan on Venmo and send payments that way.

6.  Payment is the responsibility of the student.  If the student falls into a negative balance with their guitar lessons, the student is required to pay for their outstanding balance within 48 hours after their lesson.  If payment is not made within 48 hours of the missed lesson payment, you will be removed from the student list and you will forfeit your weekly scheduled lesson appointment.

7.  If you need to schedule a cancellation or reschedule a lesson, let Dylan or your assigned instructor know as soon as possible so Dylan can revise your families invoice for the following month.

8. Students are required to sign their name and date on the attendance sheet of every lesson to verify their attendance of their scheduled lesson.

9.  Although we encourage excellent practicing schedules, instructors are never angry or upset if the student comes to their lesson unprepared.  If the student does show up to their next lesson unprepared, the instructor will assign you the same work as the previous week, just at a different teaching angle.  This is to show you that the work we give you is important and beneficial for your progress as a musician.

10.  Students are expected to own their own guitar, picks, tuners, metronomes and books that are required for the lessons

11.  All students are encouraged to practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day/5 days per week to ensure adequate progress is being made.

12.  Last but not least, always try to have fun!  You are fortunate enough to study an amazing instrument, never lose sight of how fun the musical journey is!


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